"Planning" my personal 202020 challenge

When Alve came up with the challenge, the challenge seemed to be quite doable. While visiting 20 countries in 2020  with a velomobile is a tough call, visiting the Balkan states or the Baltic states provides the opportunity to visit a lot of states in a short period of time - so I thought.

But after Covid-19 the challenge has become much harder - if not impossible. Alve just posted on facebook that he has to suspend his ride through Europe:
"I had to make a drastic decision because of the Corona virus. Stay and spend time on the Polish countryside for a month or two, maybe more, or go back home for some time. Borders are closed and my only option, against my will, is to fly to Sweden." -- Alve Henricson

My holidays start on April 8th and end on Juli 8th. The original plan was to (more or less) follow the eurovelo routes EV12 (Hamburg to Calais), EV4 (Calais to Morlaix) , EV1 (Morlaix to Huelva), EV8 (Cadiz to somewhere in Greece) and (depending on how much time is …